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Tempo Platform

Connect your vehicles to subscribers and local services

Tempo turns your e-bikes, e-scooters, and other connected electric vehicles into healthy customer relationships and recurring revenue

New customers

By bundling monthly subscription, assembly, repair, and theft protection services, Tempo can help your brand reach whole new markets of riders

Local distribution

Our network of local Tempo partners is there to ensure your riders have the best possible experience while enjoying your vehicles.

Rich vehicle data

With IoT in every vehicle, the Tempo platform enables you to uncover new insights on usage that will help you build better vehicles, improve your marketing, and understand your customers.

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How Tempo Works

Buy + Subscribe

Tempo's subscription platform enables point-of-sale subscriptions from your existing website. Here's how it works:

1. Add Tempo to your checkout flow

Embed subscriptions as an option at the point of sale. Get started with just one line of code.

2. Tempo finances the vehicle

We buy the vehicle from you and collect subscription payments from the customer.

3. Tempo handles local fulfillment

We'll get the vehicle to the customer and support them over time with repairs, maintenance, and theft protection.


Learn how Äike launched subscriptions with Tempo

Contact us to learn how the makers of the world's best e-scooter built subscriptions on top of the Tempo platform and launched in the United States.

new models for connected vehicles

Turn purchases into relationships

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