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Your own e-bike or e-scooter for just $75 / month.

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Your own e-bike or e-scooter, on your own terms

Tempo vehicle subscriptions are designed to give you freedom to move and peace of mind while you ride.

Flexible subscriptions

Pay only for what you need. Keep the vehicle as long as you want. Return it or buy it anytime.

Easy maintenence

Tempo helps keep your vehicle running like new. If you have a problem, just open the app and we will be there to get you back on the road again.

Theft protection

Technology in Tempo vehicles help prevent your vehicle from being stolen and help you recover it. A Tempo subscription also limits your loss if the vehicle can't be recovered.

Our first vehicle

The Award Winning
Äike T E-Scooter

This foldable e-scooter comes with a removable battery, USB-C charging, and full GPS protection. It's the best scooter we've ever ridden, and it can be your ride for as little as $75/month.

About tempo

Let's get everyone on two electric wheels

We believe that everyone can go wherever they want, while protecting our communities and our planet.

Tempo is founded by electric mobility pioneers, with decades of combined experience getting millions of people moving via connected and sustainable modes.

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